LED Street Light & Daanan na pag-iilaw, Kabit ng LED liwanag ng highway, Simento LED at Tollway Streetlights @ pandaigdigang paghahatid

Buy LED Street Lighting, Roadway Luminary

High Quality LED Street Lights for Highway, Tollway, Pavement, Alley, and more. IP67, 5-years warranty, 80,000 hours life span & free customization offered. Combining the technology of LED & Road Surface Street Light Illumination, Tachyon engineers develop LED Street Lights providing bright & uniform illumination, which is vital for improving the vision of road users & promoting street security at night.

Bukod sa, we attach great importance to heat dissipation of LED Street Lighting because persistent heat will certainly affect the life span. More graphical presentation on LED Street Lights by visiting this page.


Light Weight & Energy saving LED Street Lighting

Ating LED Street Lighting Solution reduces considerable amount of power consumption while keeping the brightness by making use of Premium Precise Optical Lens System, which means the LED chips in Street Lights are adjusted by our professional engineers to adopt to different situation such as the height of LED Street Light poles, the width of Highway, the space between Street Light poles, and most importantly, the brightness requirement; kaya nga, by considering the case individually, you can get the most cost-effective and energy saving LED Street Lighting. Generally speaking our 200W LED Street Light can replace 600W Metal Halide Lamps and High-intensity Discharge Lamps because of remarkable luminous efficiency of LED Lights. Ating LED Street Lights have Lighting Efficiency of 140 lm/W.

Besides the Quality intrinsic LED Street Light components, we adopt the Highest Quality Aluminum Alloy Outer Shell, which is light-weight, strong, very durable & cost-effective. Its inherent Oxide Layers prevent the LED Street Lights from rusting. This feature enables our Street Light to tolerate the adverse weather condition such as rain storm.




ANTI-GLARE LED Street Lighting

Anti Glare Optics is a paramount feature of LED Street Lighting because Street Light should minimize the dazzling effects on road users & citizens in surrounding residential areas. Ating LED Street Light is equipped with Glass or Polycarbonate Lens cover to reduce the unwanted glare up to 80%, and the physical barn to shield the light. These two components are tailor-made in each LED Street Lighting Project.


Characteristics of our LED Street Lights & Highway Lights

You can buy top-of-the-line & kalidad LED Street Lights for Highway, Tollway, Pavement, Alley and more.

  1. Premium Optical Lens System provides you with extraordinary brightness & ground reachability of Road Surface.
  2. 95 % kahusayan ng enerhiya – reduce power loss and thus save your electricity bill.
  3. Modular design allows individual replacement of LED chips unit within LED Street Lights, to save the repair or maintenance time
  4. Dense Aluminum Alloy Fins structure & Hollow structure design provide prompt & effective heat dissipation of Outdoor LED Street Lights, and thus enhances life span of LED Lights.
  5. Replacement: 200W LED Street Light can replace 600W Metal Halide Street Light.
  6. Anti-glare optics inside Street Lights grant better vision for road users and assist clear capture of CCTV.
  7. Itatagal ng 80,000 at L70.
  8. Water-proof design: IP67 ang rating.
  9. Garantiya ng 5 taon para sa ating LED Streetlighting products.
  10. Wide range of working temperature: -25⁰C sa 55⁰C.
  11. Liwanag-timbang & Malakas na aluminyo haluang metal Shell & Corrosive-resistant Silicone Rubber Cable to tolerate adverse weather conditions.
  12. Sinusuportahan ng premium na isama ang agarang Pagkalabas pagbebenta ng serbisyo, aayos ng mga ilaw kung kinakailangan.

Pagtutukoy – Optika

Item na walang: LS-STN200
Source ng liwanag: Bridgelux (optional Epistar)
Kapangyarihan: 200W
Luminous kahusayan: 140 lm/W
Luminous pagkilos ng bagay: 28,000 lm
Anggulo ng tahilan: 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°
Kulay ng Index: 75
Temperatura ng kulay: 2700 sa 3500K; 5000 sa 7500K
Total Harmonic Distortion: <10%


Power Supply

Drayber: Mean Well (optional Inventronics)
Input na boltahe: 90-295 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Kapangyarihan kahusayan: 0.9
Salik ng kapangyarihan: 0.95


Pag-iimbak ng pagkain & Tibay

Iangat ang Span: 80,000 oras sa L70
Imbakan temperatura: -40° C sa 80° C

Temperatura ng pagtatrabaho: -25° C sa 55° C
Tubig-patunay: IP67 ang rating


Ang laki & Timbang

Dimensyon: 700 x 417 x 138 mm
Timbang: 8.3 kg
Timbang nang walang driver: 6.1 kg

Price of LED Street Light & Roadway LED Lighting

Ating LED Street Light & Roadway LED Lighting sa abot-kayang presyo, nang walang compromising sa kalidad. Please do not hesitate to contact us for much info by the pormularyo sa ibaba, o sa info@tachyonlight.com. We will get back to you within 24 oras.


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