1000W Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir, Allamuigh Floodlight | 150,000 lm, 30 Blianta Réise Saol

1000W LED Flood Light Product Abstract

Buy Quality 1000W Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir at TACHYON Lights, with IP67 cert, 5 blianta bharántas, 80,000 hours Life Span.

The number of people using LED Flood Light is on the surge, especially 1000W Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir is a popular and common model, because of its remarkable brightness, durability & energy saving properties.

TACHYON 1000W LED Floodlight consume 75% lesser energy than conventional Metal Halide Lamp & Halogen Lights. Our 1000W Outdoor Flood Light have luminous efficiency of 150 lm / W and adopts Meanwell Driver. This super bright, High Power LED Flood Light 1000 Watt would be your best choice.


1000W LED Flood Light Specification

Model No: LS-FLN-1000+
Light Source: Bridgelux
Driver: Mean Well
Input Voltage: 90-295 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Cumhacht: 1000W (Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir)
Luminous Efficiency: 150 lm / W
Luminous Flux: 150,000 lm
Beam Angle: 10° / 25° / 40°/ 60° / 90° / 120°
dath Teochta: 2700 K to 7500 K
Color Rendering Index: 85

Life Span: 80,000 uair an chloig ag L70
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C
Working Temperature: -25°C to 55°C
Water-proof: IP67 rating

Dimension: 1000 x 538 x 135 mm
1000W LED Flood Light Net Weight: 23kg
Warranty: 5 Years



Applications of 1000W LED Flood Light



Advantages of our High Power 1000W LED Floodlight fixture

You can buy high quality Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir 1000 Watt for outdoor use. TACHYON develops ANTI-GLARE optics specialized for 1000W LED Flood light, which ensure better vision of workers, spectator or road users. Its flicker-saor optic lens is compatible to high speed photography as well. A good 1000W flood light fixture should be able to illuminate farther & further. Mar gheall air seo, TACHYON, as a High Power LED Flood Light Manufacturer, attaches great importance to ground reachability of the Outdoor Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir 1000 Watt.

An modular design of our 1000W Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir reduces your maintenance time and cost. Although our flood light fixture 1000 is reliable, it may encounter unexpected, serious artificial compact that damage the chip. If part of the 1000W Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir chip goes off, you can take out malfunction units and then replace the new chips; dá bhrí sin,, you have no need to repair the entire flood light fixture.

We always mention that 1000W Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir can save energy because it can replace 3000W to 4000W Metal Halide or HID Lamps. The LED Flood Light having 1000W can illuminate more-or-less the same brightness of few thousand watts Metal Halide Lamps.

As for durability, TACHYON’s 1000W Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir is made of Quality Aluminum Alloy Shell and Polycarbonate Lens Cover which are Strong, light-weight and anti-corrosive. Our third-party packaging inside 1000W Solas Tuilte faoi stiúir enhance the Life Span to 80,000 uair an chloig ag L70, which is equivalent to 27 chun 30 years use. Chomh maith le, persistent heat would damage the LED Flood Light fixture; nevertheless, ár High Quality 1000W LED Flood Light adopts open & hollow design between each row of LED chips so the heat can be dissipated effectively. We also acquire the patent of Dense Aluminum Fins Heat Dissipation Design. Our LED Flood Light 1000Watt have IP67 certification and 5 Years Warranty as well. You can always enjoy prompt after-sale service.

Price of 1000W LED Flood Light Fixture

Our High Quality LED Flood Lights 1000W are of low price, without compromising on the quality. Please contact us for much info by means of the form below, nó ag info@tachyonlight.com. It is appreciated to receive your message.


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