Àrd Power LED Ball-coise Stadium Flood Lights @ 1000W (An àite 3000W Metal Halide)

bathar Abstract

1000W High Power LED Flood Light for Ball-coise Stadium, with bright & quality CREE LED chips, IP67 water-proof, effect heat dissipation & cooling system. Tha ar n- Soccer Stadium Floodlight fulfills highest standard of optics, 4K broadcasting & flick free requirement.

This Sports Floodlight is one of our most popular products which is made for athletic field & football stadium lighting. We adopt Aluminum Alloy Shell & Silicon Rubber Cable. With the use of advanced large power LED & heat dissipation for football arena & pitch, the life span raises to 80,000 hours while still maintaining 70% of its original brightness. This 1000W Stadium Light is designed for replacing 3000W to 4000W Metal Halide Lamp.

If you want much description, you can get access to our page of 2000W Football Stadium Light.


Tips for you to buy High Power Football Stadium Light

This Football Stadium Flood Light is designed for lighting up the professional, world class sports stadium & athletic field. This model is trusted by our electrical contractor clients and installed in Premier League Football Club Stadium & Olympic Games Ballpark. In most of the cases the institute imposes rigorous lighting requirement, says brightness up to 2500-3200 lux, phriobadh saor- & shadowless illumination on stadium turf. We acquire much experience in Sports Lasadh & thus provide you with high quality flood light products.

Heat sink is an important feature of Sports LED Flood Light for Stadium. Persistent heat damages electronics and thus reduces brightness & life expectancy. Ann an solas seo, we invest heavily on effective heat dissipation systemdense & long Aluminum fens providing large surface area for heat conduction from LED chips to surroundings. This structure maintains junction temperature of LED light at a low range. If you want more info about our Ball-coise Stadium Sgòthan, you can read our page: Stadium Lighting Introduction.

Sònrachadh – Optics

Notaichean eil: LS-FLN-1000-ULT
cumhachd: 1000W
Sgòthan Source: Epistar
Luminous Èifeachdais: 130 LM / W
Luminous flux: 130,000 LM
Beam Ceàrn: 20°, 40°, 60°, 90°
Color fàgail Clàr-innse: 80
Teòthachd Color: 2700 gu 3500K; 5000 gu 7500K


Solar cumhachd

Driver: Inventronics (roghainneil Mean Uill)
cumhachd Factor: 0.95
cumhachd Èifeachdais: 0.9
Input bholtaids: 90-295 VAC, 50-60 Hz


Storage & fàgail

Teòthachd Storage: -40° C gu 80 ° C
Ag obair Teòthachd: -25° C gu 55 ° C
Water-proof function: IP67 (temporary water immersion)
tog span: 80,000 hours aig L70


meud & Weight

Tomhas: 803 x 595 x 128 mm
Weight: 25 kg
Cuideam gun dràibhear: 16.5 kg

Price of 1000W High Power LED Football Stadium Flood Light

Our Sports LED football stadium floodlights are of low & reasonable price, gun a bhith a 'cur bacaidh air càileachd. Please feel free to leave us a message to get the discounted price by means of the chruthachadh gu h-ìosal, no aig a info@tachyonlight.com. Tapadh leat.


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