Stadion LED Lighting Produsen | Stadion sepak bola lampu, Lampu jalan, Daerah besar lampu, Bandara & Celemek pencahayaan, Parkir lampu, RGB Wall Washer Lights | Lampu TACHYON


Stadion LED Lighting Produsen | Stadion sepak bola lampu, Lampu jalan, Daerah besar lampu, Airport & Apron Lighting, Parkir lampu, RGB Wall Washer Lights

Tentang kita

TACHYON adalah inovatif High Power LED Lighting Produsen sejak 2005. Kami memiliki teknologi canggih seperti kami sangat mementingkan R&D team by investing heavily in improving the quality of optics & energy efficiency. Our engineers will solve your technical issues & provide you with professional DIALux simulation reports. Inspiring Innovation & Persistent Perfection of Lighting Performance are our core values(Baca lebih lanjut)

Keahlian – Overview Produk kami tinggi lampu LED daya

Olahraga & Stadion pencahayaan

TACHYON develops the ultra slim, Ringan & high power LED sports light for Stadium & Arena, which avoid costly reinforcement expenses of poles. Our Premium Lighting Solutions fulfill 4K Broadcasting requirement as well. Furthermore, TACHYON exclusive thermal management enhances the performance & life span of the lights up to 80,000 jam; so you can obtain durable LED sports light(Baca lebih lanjut)

Street & Penerangan jalan Raya

TACHYON Premium Optics & Asymmetric lens Technology for high power LED street light guarantee outstanding Lighting Uniformity. TACHYON street light fulfills IP66/IP68 requirement that tolerates common adverse weather condition. With its high quality Aluminum Alloy shell, rust can be prevented even our lights are installed near coastal region or industrial area(Baca lebih lanjut)

Luas pencahayaan

There are countless application of LED High Bay Light & High Mast Flood Lighting, such as Warehouse, Bandara, Parking Lot, Indoor Sports Field, Port, Construction Site, Rail Yard, and such a kind of Large Areas. You can enjoy super bright & uniform illumination, and reduced power consumption by choosing our High Power LED Floodlight. TACHYON puts much efforts into heat dissipation design. Our super-cooling technique further extends the life span to 80,000 jam di L70… (Baca lebih lanjut)

RGB dinding Washer

Warna yang menghiasi kehidupan Anda. Aplikasi daya tinggi LED dinding Washer termasuk Facade bangunan & Dekorasi lampu, Lampu eksterior, Lanskap pencahayaan, Lampu panggung & Grow light. TACHYON RGB cahaya & Dinding Washer kompatibel untuk kedua statis & Dinamis warna berubah, dan sehingga cocok untuk skenario yang memerlukan efek pencahayaan kompleks… (Baca lebih lanjut)