Arena & Stadium Light

Arena & Stadium Light

Persistent Perfection of Stadium Lighting Performance – Lighting up the sports arena & ball field is never an easy task. Let’s explore Tachyon’s exclusive & up-to-date technology, especially for Football Stadium Light.

Core Technology

Premium Precise Optical Lens System

Every sports field has its own setting, such as area, pole arrangement and brightness requirement. Tachyon’s engineers make fine adjustment on optic lens of stadium light case-by-case to fit your needs.

4K Broadcasting Compatible

Tachyon’s LED Sports Lights fulfill rigorous requirement imposed by FIFA, which includes horizontal & vertical brightness, lighting uniformity, color temperature, flicker-free, prevention of light leakage.

Effective Heat Dissipation System

Incorporating flip-chip technology, dense Aluminum fins and hollow design, the operating temperature of the LED light can be maintained at a low range and thus protect the light and enhance its brightness.

Modular Design

For easy repair – if unforeseeable damage occurs, the LED chips inside stadium light can be replaced individually, and thus saving your maintenance cost and time.

Quality LED Chips inside Stadium Light

First thing first, Tachyon Arena & Sports Lights are equipped with Bridgelux LED chips providing quality light source.

Tachyon helps our clients to win the bids of Premier League Football Club & Olympic Games Stadium.

How do we achieve these?

Ultra Slim & Light-weight Structure

Weight is one of the paramount factors when it comes to installation. Lesser weight guarantees safety and reduces your mounting & maintenance cost indeed.

Furthermore, Tachyon Ultra Slim Football Light series adopts space-saving design that assists your transportation & affixation. The minimum thickness of this series is 3.75 cm.

Heat Dissipation

Let’s explore how Tachyon deal with the heat issue that affects life span & brightness of LED lights.

1. Flip Chip Technology

Much effective heat conduction from LED chips to cooling element.

Heat dissipation of LED Sports light-1-flip chip technology

2. Dense Aluminum Fins

The dense fins in each cooling element provides large surface area for heat dissipation to surroundings.

Heat dissipation of LED Sports light-2-dense aluminum fins

3. Hollow Structure

Air passage in between each row further enhances cooling effect.

Heat dissipation of LED Sports light-3-hollow structure & open design


After solving the heat issue, electrical contractor may also wonder if there is easy & quick way to maintain the stadium lights.

The LEDs are connected in parallel. A chip goes-off would not affect the function of adjacent units. You can replace the broken module by making reference to our guideline, which is a piece of cake.

Modular Design of Stadium Light

Anti-glare Optics

Glare is the strong and dazzling light affecting user experience, both inside and outside stadium –

a) ​Players

Unwanted glare affects perception of distance and irritates sports players & athletes.

b) Audiences

Glare would definitely let you miss the critical moment during matches, and blur your vision on players.

c) Residents

Sometimes the sports field is surrounded by dense residential buildings; the tender and thus imposes this anti-glare requirement.

To reduce the glare when looking at the side, a relatively narrower beam angle is adopted. Besides, a special coating is applied to further reduce the disturbing glare. The coating would not affect the brightness of stadium light when illuminating the turf & track.

Anti-glare LED Flood Light for Stadium

Our Highlight Projects

Our LED Lighting Project - Football Light installed in Premier League Stadium

St Mary’s Stadium

Home Stadium of Premier League Southampton F.C.

Our LED Lighting Project - Soccer Light installed in Premier League Stadium

Selhurst Park

Home Stadium of Premier League Crystal Palace F.C.

Our LED Sports Lighting Project - LED Flood light & stadium light for Winter Olympic Games Ice Hockey Stadium

Main Ice Hockey Arena

2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

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