Illuminazione a LED Tunnel, Luci metropolitane & Illuminazione della metropolitana @ consegna in tutto il mondo

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High Quality LED Tunnel Lights, with IP66, 80,000 hours Life Span, 5 Years warranty, effective Heat Dissipation system, Ottica antiriflesso, Sistema ottico preciso Premium.

Tachyon provide linear interior and entrance lighting fixtures for Tunnel Lighting Setting, Luci LED Tunnel for slow-traffic underpass, and Luci tunnel for both pedestrians & vehicles.


Characteristics of our Luci LED Tunnel & Illuminazione della metropolitana

You can buy Quality Luci LED Tunnel for Underground Passage, Underpass, Subway and more.

  1. Premium Optical Lens System guarantees remarkable Ground Reachability, Bright & Uniform Illumination on Road Surface inside Tunnel.
  2. 95 % efficienza energetica – reduce power loss and thus save your electricity bill.
  3. Anti-glare optics inside our High Quality Luci tunnel grants better vision for road users and pedestrian.
  4. Dense Aluminum Fins structure & Hollow structure offers prompt & effective heat dissipation of Outdoor Luci LED Tunnel, and thus enhances life span of Luci LED Tunnel.
  5. Replacement: The brightness of 150W LED Tunnel Light is equivalent to that of 400W Metal Halide Street Light.
  6. Modular design offers independent repair of LED Lens within Luci LED Tunnel, and thus you can save time & money.
  7. Wide range of working temperature: -25⁰C to 55⁰C.
  8. Water-proof design: Di protezione IP66.
  9. Lifespan of 80,000 at L70.
  10. Warranty of 5 years for our LED Tunnel Lighting products
  11. Strong & Light-weight Aluminum Alloy Shell & Corrosive-resistant Silicone Rubber Cable to tolerate adverse weather conditions.
  12. Premium supports which include prompt after-sale service, repair of light if necessary.


LED-Street-luce -&-Illuminazione della carreggiata,-Autostrada---lampada LED,-Pavement-LED-and-Tollway-Streetlights-Application

Specifica: – Ottica

Nessuna voce: LS-HBN150-LITE
Sorgente luminosa: Epistar
Potenza: 150W
Efficienza luminosa: 140 LM/W
Flusso luminoso: 21,000 LM
Angolo a fascio: 10°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°
Indice di resa cromatica: 75
Temperatura di colore: 2700 a 3500K; 5000 a 7500K


Alimentazione elettrica

Driver: Mean Well (optional Inventronics)
Fattore di potenza: 0.95
Efficienza energetica: 0.9
Tensione in ingresso: 90-295 VAC, 50-60 Hz


Deposito & Durata

Water-proof: Di protezione IP66
Light Attenuation: 80,000 ore a L70
Temperatura di stoccaggio: -40° C a 80° C

Temperatura di funzionamento: -25° C a 55° C


Dimensioni & Peso

Dimensione: 300 x 225 x 215 mm
Peso: 5.5 kg
Peso senza conducente: 4.3 kg

Price of LED Tunnel Lights & Underpass Lighting

Il nostro LED Tunnel & Underpass Light are of relatively low price when comparing to other brands, senza compromettere la qualità. If you are interested in our LED Tunnel Light Products, please feel free to drop us a message by using the modulo qui sotto, o alle Vi risponderemo a voi entro 24 ore.


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