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Construction Lights & LED Construction Site Lighting

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Overview of Construction Lights

Construction Lights are expected to be bright enough to light up the Construction site. Many construction sites work all night. Therefore, lighting at the construction site is a prerequisite for continuous and uninterrupted projects to be conducted in all seasons. Considering the fact that construction lights performs one or more of the construction process and satisfies the building rules, in many cases considering the fact that installation of lighting equipment is not permitted by the conditions of the Construction Lighting site considerably. The distance of light flow direction is necessary. TACHYON offers high quality LED Construction Lights with 5 years warranty.

In order to solve this problem, it is conceivable to install a strong and earthquake resistant LED fixture on a construction crane. TACHYON LED Construction Lights are an energy efficient alternative to conventional light sources. Advantages of its use include the optimum illumination ratio between the vertical and horizontal planes, the placement of construction lighting systems with advanced optical performance and ease of maintenance


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Advantages of LED Construction Lights

With well-organized coverage (selection and placement of light sources, lighting fixtures) you can work without slowing down even in the dark. In addition, relevant standards for construction lights at work sites and uniform light distribution are applied to hazardous places of workplaces, aisles, roadways, storage places, sanitation facilities, building structures, drilling production. The engineering preparation of the territory is one of the factors that reduces workplace injuries. By using TACHYON LED Construction Lights, you can save about 3 times the brightness. All of these are low power consumption and have a long service life (> 80,000 hours) of equipment. TACHYON LED Construction Lights can be used for minimum 10 years with minimal maintenance.




TACHYON’s Construction Lighting

Working on this work requires special Construction Lights fixtures such as projectors that can guarantee a wide range of coverage at construction sites, quarries, pits, airfields and other large plazas. However, construction site conditions cannot be installed in the immediate vicinity of luminaires, and require a light flow direction starting from a considerable distance. Our Construction Lights are designed to maximize lighting effect and brightness according to various functions. In short, our main objective of LED spotlights is to produce strong rays with long range characteristics. Typically, LED Construction Lights & flood lights are used to more strongly to illuminate the area and contrast with the surrounding space.

Standard Construction Lights and flood lighting consists of a body with a lamp and a reflector inside. However, our construction floodlamps distinguish themselves from each other, due to the advanced optical and modular approach, which allows more light rays to travel and convert more lumens to terrestrial lux, it is unparalleled Thing. The advantage of our construction lights in the construction field is that the optimum lighting ratio of the vertical and horizontal surfaces and the easy installation and maintenance of the lighting system are easy.

Our Construction Lights are glare-free, even when we use a high-power light source, energy consumption and electricity consumption rate are low, reducing the influence at work sites and surrounding facilities. It is recommended that the minimum allowable height of installation and the direction of axial light intensity deviate from the center of the work area in order to minimize the effect of glare. Our LED Construction Lighting can provide you with better illumination.


Product Enquiry of Construction Lights

Therefore you can see that LED Construction Site is a paramount accessory of the work site because of its high energy efficiency, easy maintenance and remarkable lighting uniformity. If you have further enquiries on LED Construction Lights, please feel free to contact by the form below or email


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