High Mast LED Stadium Flood Light, Indoor Sport Ball Field Lights & Large Area Lighting @ 1000W

High Mast LED Stadium Flood Light & Large Area Lighting

High Quality High Mast LED Flood Lighting Products @ 1000 Watts, with IP66, 5-year warranty & 80,000 hours life span. Application includes High Mast LED Flood Lighting Fixture in Large Areas such as Parking Lot LED Light, Warehouse Light, Apron Lighting in Airport, Highways Light, Sports Field (Outdoor Tennis Court Light, Football Field & Stadium LED Flood Light & Basketball Court LED Light), which is able to replace & retrofit up to 3000 Watts to 4500 Watts High-intensity Discharge Lamp & 4000 Watts High Mast Metal Halide Lamp.

The High-mast LED Floodlighting Fixtures are attached at above 20 and sometimes as high as 80 meters. TACHYON High Mast LED Lights are equipped with quality optics that enhance ground reach ability of light especially for High-Mast Lights (LED) in Sports Stadium, Airport & other Large Areas; therefore, bright LED High Mast Flood Lights illumination is guaranteed.


High Energy Efficiency High Mast LED Floodlighting

Our High Mast LED Flood Lighting Solution reduces power consumption while maintains brightness by means of quality optics designed for High Mast Stadium Light, Ball Field Light & LED Warehouse Light. We adopt CREE & Bridgelux chips that have lighting efficiency of 130 to 140 lm/W. Our 1000W High Mast Sports Field Flood Light produces 140,000 lumens which is ideal for replacing 3000 Watts to 4000 Watts Metal Halide or High-intensity Discharge Lamps. You can install the LED High Mast Light inside Airport & Apron, Airfield, Parking Lot, Warehouse, Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Ball Fields and any Large Areas.




Reason to switch to LED High Mast Lighting

Energy-saving: With the use of LED High Mast Flood Lighting, your electricity bill will be dropped to 1/3 of the original value. For the past 12 years, we strive to manufacture High Mast LED Flood Lights for Warehouse & Sports & Ball Fields. To further improve the quality, we did fine adjustment on LED optics for High Mast LED Lights. Our R&D team have newly developed a revolutionary & unprecedented secondary reflector that slashing the unwanted glare up to 85%, which is essential for Warehouse workers who heavily rely on sufficient lighting to work, and for Sports players and spectators who needs better vision.

Durability: Apart from brightness & anti-glare, our LED High Mast Flood Light for Warehouse & Sports Field is durable.  It is generally discovered with the use of traditional Metal Halide or High-intensity Discharge Lamps, the brightness will reduce 30-45% annual. This depreciation is very undesirable because it causes frequent replacement and maintenance of the High Mast LED Floodlights; nevertheless, with the use of our High-mast LED, the lumen depreciation is less than 30% after 80,000 hours usage, which is equivalent to 20+ years (8 hours per day). Less frequent repair means lesser costs.

Time-saving: LED High Mast Light support instant on & off, which means you have no need to wait for about 5-10 mins warm up time as you encounter when using Metal Halide Lamps. It is certainly time-saving and effective during operation. LED High Mast Lighting System is a great alternative to use if you require LED Stadium Lighting, Warehouse Lights, Parking Lot Lighting & Ball Field Lights because of the above reasons.


Strength of our High Power LED High Mast Floodlights

You can buy top-of-the-line & quality LED High Mast Flood Light for Warehouse, Stadium & Sports Field

  1. 95 % energy efficiency – most of energy is used to light up the large areas.
  2. Premium Optical Lens System gives you extra brightness & ground surface reachability of High Mast Floodlights.
  3. Modular design allow individual replacement of LED chips inside High Mast Flood Light sets, instead of entire repair.
  4. High Power: 1000W LED High Mast which retrofits 3000W Metal Halide High-mast Lamps.
  5. Dense Aluminum Fins structure & open structure provide effective heat dissipation of Outdoor High Mast Light, and thus enhances life span of LED Lights.
  6. Anti-glare optics inside Flood Lights grant better vision for workers in Warehouse and players in Ball fields.
  7. Lifespan of 80,000 at L70.
  8. Warranty of 5 years for our High Mast LED Floodlighting products.
  9. Water-proof design: IP66 rating.
  10. Wide range of working temperature: -25⁰C to 55⁰C.
  11. Light-weight & Strong Aluminum Alloy Shell & Corrosive-resistant Silicone Rubber Cable to tolerate adverse weather conditions.
  12. Premium supports which include prompt after-sale service, repair of light if necessary.

Specification – Optics

Item no: LS-FLN-1000
Light Source: Bridgelux
Power: 1000W
Luminous Efficiency: 140 lm/W
Luminous Flux: 140,000 lm
Beam Angle: 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°
Color Rendering Index: 80
Color Temperature: 2700 to 3500K; 5000 to 7500K


Power Supply

Driver: Mean Well (optional Inventronics)
Power Factor: 0.95
Power Efficiency: 0.9
Input Voltage: 90-295 VAC, 50-60 Hz


Storage & Durability

Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C
Working Temperature: -25°C to 55°C
Water-proof: IP66 rating
Lift Span: 80,000 hours at L70


Size & Weight

Dimension: 1000 x 538 x 135 mm
Weight: 31.0 kg
Weight without driver: 23.8 kg

Price of 1000W High Mast LED Flood Light

Our Ball field & Warehouse LED Floodlights are of cost-effective price, without compromising on the quality. Please contact us for much info by means of the form below, or at info@tachyonlight.com. We are looking forward to your message.


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