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LED Highways Lights



Overview of LED street lights

Lights has become the vitally important fixtures in daily lives. One of the important features of road lighting is improving safety, lowering the crash rate at night, and improving the safety of intersections. LED street lights that can be expressed as unified light by pulling the light source using LED (Light Emitting Diode) has made great progress in the current lighting technology. The appearance of LED lighting for expressway showed many characteristics compared with fluorescent lamp and high intensity lamp. Some of its advantages are low energy consumption, long life, quick on / off function, and immediate reboot (all RoHS compliant). Another special attribute of our LED light is an open design that allows air gaps between modules for super cooling and air resistance. Bovendien, the anti-glare system is unique by improving the driver’s field of vision during night driving, as there is no possibility of loss of vision, thereby minimizing the number of vehicle crashes.


Advantages of Highway LED Lights

Unlike conventional light sources, our LED highway light reduces maintenance costs to a minimum and achieves energy savings of up to 80%, which is cost effective. They are environmentally sustainable and have a second generation direct thermal path technology that is about five times superior in terms of heat dissipation and LED junction cooling. Roads, highways, roads are highly unpopular not to install waterproof LED lights for highways with a power range of 60 watts to 500 watts with energy efficiency of 140 lm/watt and lifetime of 90,000 uur.

Our highway LED lights have various wattage solutions tailored to the needs of road lighting control according to the height and distance between the pillars. Adjustable installation angle is an industry-specific class so that you can place at different angles at the intersection where the street lights are lit or on the highway interchange. Apart from these general advantages of LED highway lights, one of the greatest benefits of using our LED highway lighting is its high level ground brightness reach. This classifies our LED highway lights by multidirectional light rays and high precision optical lens systems, and the lumen level per watt is strengthened, making it the brightest in the lighting industry. Straat.

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As a grand master of LED highway lights, our trading provides up to 5 years warranty and furthermore our LED can be purchased at very good price. Our TACHYON LEDs have a very high lumen output, so we revolutionize the lighting industry with the most advanced technology. Our lighting fixtures are superior to other traditional light sources such as fluorescent lights, high brightness bulbs and standard LED lighting.

LED highway lights, road lights, LED highway light fixtures, lighting intersections and highway interchanges, control unit LED street lights. Our LED highway light is not just a general lighting effect, due to the special functions and capabilities that are considered to be the major factors in purchasing our LEDs.

And if you think that installing this street light will attract more work than necessary, I think that LED street lights are easily connected by cables, making installation easier. This property needs to be capitalized when acquiring the LED highway light, improving its characteristics as an easy-to-use brand for people in the industry.

Our highway LED light is the first equivalent in the lighting industry, with special practical characteristics and certification of many ETL, TUV, CE, RoHS etc. Thus, other LED highway lights may be RoHS compliant, but they are beyond obligations to acquire more certifications that meet the demands of the German, US and UK markets. Our LED street lights can be widely used in wide wide streets, with bright eye design and low integrated glare evaluation, making it easier to win the project’s bidding than other LED highway lights I will. The LED street light of our control unit is the best because it has the ability to repel night insects that are disturbed by fluorescent lights and high intensity light lamps.

Considering the use of conventional light sources for street lighting, one feature to be convinced of the use of LED lighting is the tendency to direct the light to the desired spot and specific area, due to the higher light output.

In this way, our LED lighting is ideal for reinstalling or replacing old light sources. You can also invest in short and long term road projects of the new lighting industry. High energy-saving capability, intuitive control with added functions built in. If you require much info on Highway, please feel free to drop us a message at email info@tachyonlight.com

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