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LED Tunnel Lights & Underground Lightings @ TACHYON High Power LED Lights Manufacturers

LED Tunnel Lights are regarded as the most important components inside Tunnels. Adequate & Appropriate illumination provided by LED Tunnel Lights can certainly reduce the occurrence of car accidents. TACHYON Lights specializes in specific projects related to the use of LED lights for tunnels and offers solutions for various tunnel lighting having different requirements and challenges. It has recently been confirmed in many parts of the world that LED tunnel lights are the perfect solution for tunnels and underpasses once known as dark and muddy passages because of it remarkable brightness, lighting uniformity & life span, which is the advantages of LED Tunnel Lights over conventional Metal Halide lamps of HID Lamps.




Energy Saving Property of LED Tunnel Lights

LED Tunnel Lights are now preferred over light tunnels. Their characteristics include long working life, excellent stability and high lighting efficiency. The rapid development of traffic volume worldwide has led to an increase in tunnel demand. Demand for LED tunnel lights is directly increasing due to safety and energy saving. Currently, LED light is increasingly being used for lighting of public road networks including tunnels, instead of old high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems. LED lighting system. Today it has been proven to be a complete tunnel light fixture for the underpass. MH and HPS lighting equipment provides an attractive combination of tested mechanical structure, low cost and high light intensity to the tunnel lighting system. The series of MH and HPS lighting usually shows a maximum speed of 400 W for lighting fixtures that meet tunnel lighting requirements. With TACHYON Lights, 130W – 140W LEDs can do exactly the same work. Therefore you can observe that the energy expenditure drops to 1/3 of its original value and thus save your electricity bill.


Advantages of LED Tunnel Lights

At TACHYON Lights, our main work is to show & promote some of the excellent features of LED lighting, which supports the fact that LED road light fixtures are worthwhile investment in both short term and long term when it comes to lighting. The average life of high-end LED lighting is estimated at 10 years if you operate the LED Tunnel Lights 24/7. In addition, it is very efficient, which means that the gap between the power output and the power input is very insignificant, which implies a low cost during lifetime of operation. Although it may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the LED tunnel light has similar characteristics. First of all, it has a power efficiency of 95% or more. In other words, it uses 95% less power than normal light such as MH & HID. Second, lifetime is about 80,000 to 100,000 hours at L70, which means the brightness will be retained at least 70% of its day-one value after 80,000 to 100,000 hours. Finally, the beam angle is 90° for the vertical axis and 100° for the horizontal axis and the distribution is done using beam or curve pattern that guarantees high lighting uniformity, input voltage requires AC 90-265V which is suitable for worldwide installation. Our LED tunnel lighting is compatible to sophisticated light control as well.


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Anti-glare LED Tunnel Lighting

Developed using sophisticated optical modeling, uniform progressive light throw design, the LED tunnel lights lens creates balanced and anti-glare lighting patterns in the tunnel without distracting glare or shadowing. Since the small LED array consists of individual module chips and consists of highly efficient light source with customized beam pattern, it is uniform and can be first simulated in DIALux before launching the LED Tunnel Lights projects. By utilizing total internal reflection principle, the lens of each LED can be wider, which is also applicable for narrow beam angles.

Why LED but not HID?

Our LED has two major benefits as a tunnel lighting system over HID. First, the quality of light, and secondly, the effect of reducing traffic volume. LED light emitters have excellent lighting brightness because they provide longer distance illumination. TACHYON’s LED Tunnel Lights, unlike traditional HID, provides uniform lighting throughout the tunnel. In addition, our LED lights, unlike MH and HPS lighting systems, hardly fail and the life span is much longer. As a result, the likelihood that various parts of the tunnel will stop blackouts will be extremely low. Besides, each set of LED Tunnel Lights are connected in parallel; therefore, one or few of them goes off will not affect the remaining ones. It offers more convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost, and reduce monotonous re-lighting chores, reduce what happens over and over and increase the safety and safety of our lives.


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Material of our LED Tunnel Lights

Allegations on the use of LED lighting in tunnels have been based on two main premises, namely the quality of light and the cost of sec and maintenance. Improved lighting quality of LED Tunnel Lights has been proven to be very valuable for drivers and pedestrians as well. Therefore, in some cosmopolitan cities, we decided to invest in LED Tunnel lighting to enhance the transportation network and decided to make the public tunnel area more attractive and safe for road users. Most of these LED Tunnel lights are constructed using environmentally friendly and highly reliable materials, such as the casings are made of Aluminum Alloy & Stainless Steel. Transparent lens is made of tempered glass and prevents dust and water from corruption of the lamp. Their structure makes it possible to work well in humid and high temperature environments. Today, there are three main types of LED tunnel lights used in the world.


Special Points to Notice at LED Tunnel Light

Advanced materials, techniques and light sources are adopted for the manufacture of LED tunnel lights. Since tunnel lighting is not like normal road lighting, it is important for manufacturers to notice that poor environmental conditions such as vibration, noise, vehicle exhaust gas and may affect tunnel lighting. With this in mind, manufacturers of tunnel lights need extra space to devise designs to offer the best tunnel lighting system that creates a safe environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.

However, before deciding, we recommend that you consult with the main LED tunnel light maker. In the consultation, creating a design that uses the fewest number of lights for optimal lighting effect ensures that the project will succeed. Also it is prudent to remember that the tunnel design affects the necessary lighting as all tunnels are not straight. Special tunnel lights can also be designed to meet customer’s requirements. Place is not really a problem because most manufacturers can deliver to most countries in the world.

If your project require High Quality LED Tunnel Lights, please feel free to drop us a message by means of the form below, or at info@tachyonlight.com. If you would like to look at the product specification of LED Tunnel Lights, you can get access to this page: LED Tunnel Lighting, Underground Lights & Subway Lighting @ Worldwide Delivery.


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