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Parking Lot Lighting LED

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Parking Lot Lights LED

Parking Lot Lights LED are the vital element inside Parking Lot, especially at night. Imagine without the parking lot lights, the driver cannot see the road clearly and find the space of parking, what causes the most serious problem would be the security problems. Bright illumination provided by parking lot lighting gives better visualization and recording of CCTV; therefore, using a high quality, long-lasting parking lot lights make the public outdoor space safer, brighter and more energy efficient. Our LED Parking Lot Flood Lights are designed to be installed outdoors in a wide area, these instruments make space more safe and provide more welcoming bright lighting.

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Safety of Parking Lot Lights

Broken & Deterioration of parking lot lights may become catastrophic in strong typhoon and wind. Many commercial insurance company does not cover the collision caused by wind-borne poles. Lives of cars and people are seriously threatened when large objects such as commercial lights & LED parking lot lights collide against the ground with the force of high speed wind. TACHYON LED parking lot lighting adopts open design, which means there are hollow structure between each row of the light. The gaps between the parking lot lights unit allow air passage so as to tolerate strong wind. If you look closer, you can discover that there are dense aluminum fins for heat dissipation. This maintain the intrinsic temperature of LED chips at a lower range; so as to further extend life span and enhance brightness. These parking lot light poles add bright parking lot lights make the place safer and more welcoming for public areas, streets, sidewalks and pavement, and let the people feel safe and more secure.




Our Parking Lot Lights helps

Ordering electric lights in a commercial parking lot lighting is often confusing and complicated. LED Parking lot lights are important for security and not only meet lighting regulatory standards but also must meet the requirements of brightness, and light distribution. In the absence of advanced technical car dealership commercial parking lot lighting poles customers select specific luminaires, determine the pole heights, lighting equipment and poles to the wind speed in the area When matching the EPA value, residential landscape lighting and design, using precomputed calculations and combinations, when carrying out mathematical work packing the commercial parking lights and poles. In other words, we will help the lighting design. TACHYON will provide you with FREE DIALux LED Parking Lot Lighting simulation report & consider other parameters so as to fulfill you parking lot lighting project requirement.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates both the lighting facilities of commercial parking lots and the light arrangement and allocation of column heights. The value of the fixture adjusts the angle at which the luminaire distributes the lighting and the pole EPA value directly converts the commercial parking light pole’s ability to withstand the meteorologically determined specific wind speed of a particular area directly refer, so you can see there is rigorous standard of parking lot lights. TACHYON will help identify and solve the relevant regulations when you purchase the LED parking lot lights. Most parking spaces are illuminated by fluorescent lights that provide uniform lighting. However, modern LED solutions can make parking lighting more efficient and economical. These lights are dimmed and can be easily integrated with lighting control systems and motion sensors, making it possible to use light more efficiently and dramatically reduce energy costs. In addition, the 100 W parking lot light can replace the 400 W metal halide.


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Customization of Parking Lot Lights LED

Parking Lot Lighting of the residential landscape further improves the convenience of commercial parking lights and pole packages. TACHYON provides free customization service for clients so as to offer better parking lot lights products. We will select the specific beam angles, power, types of parking lot lights in case-by-case basis. Want to get more idea now? You can drop us a message related to Parking Lot Lights or any Large Area Lighting via info@tachyonlight.com. We have around 12 years’ experience on Large Area Lighting & Parking Lot Lights. Our professional engineer would help you make it happen.


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Advantages of Parking Lot Lights LED

LED Parking Lot Lighting provides a cool option to help with parking issues. First of all, the LED can produce a more efficient lumen output, which means broader, more consistent coverage than that of Metal Halide & HID. With high lighting uniformity of LED Parking Lot Lights, the roader user such as driver and pedestrian can visualize the pavement & car road clearer and to prevent accident from happening. LED light bulb for parking lot lasts much longer than conventional incandescent light bulb. It has a positive impact on your maintenance team because LED Parking Lot Lights can dramatically reduce your maintenance cost and frequency, as well as the electricity bill. You have no need to replace the Parking Lot Lights LED for at least 15-20 years. By switching you conventional Metal Halide Lamps or HID to LED Parking Lights, you can help save the environment.

In order to ensure the safety and ease of traffic of visitors, employees, and passing traffic, whether it is own or managed, whether the parking lot is large and small, parking lot lighting is needed. TACHYON high quality parking lot lights provides a wide range of lighting such as power, weight and beam angle to fit any arrangement of parking lot light poles. In most cases, the lights in the parking lot of the LEDs will bring great benefit to every asset that utilizes them. The main advantage includes 95% energy efficiency and 70% saving on electricity bill. In addition, we develop anti-glare optics so as to avoid any irritation to road user.




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