RGB Wall Washer

RGB Wall Washer

Wall Washer RGB LED Light

Color-changing ability is an exclusive & astonishing feature of LED light. TACHYON RGB LED Wall Washer Light generates millions of colors by means of Red-Green-Blue color model.

Colorful LED lighting invigorates and embellishes your venues such as sports arena, building facade, stage & concert, & boutique window display. Due to its high-brightness, our RGB light can be applied as grow light as well.

TACHYON RGB LED Lights supports complex lighting effect. Let’s explore & reshape our colorful world.

Wall Washer RGB LED Light controlled by computer

The colors of LED Wall Washer can be manipulated by computer easily because our RGB Light is DMX-USB 512 Compatible.

Automatic manipulation of Wall Washer RGB LED Light

Apart from continuous real-time color changing, you can record the color pattern in the computer for your future use.

Quality Chips

CREE SMD Full Color LED chips are installed in our Wall Washer RGB light. TACHYON select CREE as light source because it is one of the most dominant & renowned brand worldwide.

LED Wall Washer RGB Light using CREE chips

16 Million Colors

TACHYON RGB Light use red-green-blue channel with 0 to 255 gradient, and thus capable to produce 2563 colors.

320W LED Wall Washer
RGB LED Light with effective heat dissipation & heat sink system

Heat Dissipation

Heat does put down the brightness & life span of Wall Washer. TACHYON attaches great importance to develop effective heat sink conducting the heat away from LED chips.

Dense Aluminum Fins

Heat source (LED chips) is attached to heat sink unit, which has dense Aluminum fins extention. It provides seamless & effective heat conduction to surroundings.

Hollow Structure

Spacious room between each heat sink unit for air ventilation.

Separate Driver

Avoids the contact between two major heat sources of RGB LED lights – LED chips & its driver.

Building Lighting




Application of Wall Washer Light

Let’s explore various embellishment & unleash the potential of Wall Washer LED Light. The Wall Washer is suitable for building facade, waterfall, museum, boutique, shopping mall, concert stage and more.

Please also have a look at our Lighting Effect Demonstration on YouTube.

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